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The Difference Between Screen Printing And Screen Printing

Mar 14, 2017

Although both in English are "SCREENPRINTNG", but because of our industry habits are often very clear, sometimes easy to change. "Printing" and "printing" highlight the commonality is "India", although their production process equipment and printing, and so there are many differences, but they "India" the basic principles and plate material, plate-making process is similar or consistent of. As the screen printing coverage is very wide, distributed in all walks of life, production and processing of types and varieties of difficult to statistics; at the same time due to industry barriers, a long time lack of communication, so its development there is a certain stage, Screen printing development there are many gaps.

Screen printing originated in ancient China, about two thousand years of history, the mid-20th century, the mid-50s for textile silk printing production. "Screen printing" of the industrial production development late, started in the late 1970s and early 80s. "Screen printing" involves a very wide, this article will be based on textile screen printing, screen printing applications, technical characteristics and textile printing technology.