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Small Grinding Angle Machine Big Role

Mar 14, 2017

Grinding angle machine compact, for different operations can be installed different gears, its role will be quite different. Such as loading the cutting piece can cut some thin sheet metal, etc., if put on the grinding wheel can be polished friends, put on the wool wheel can even mirror polished, compared to grinding machine, drill, bench drill, Electric grinding and other tools, angle grinder is the most efficient, but it is also the most difficult operation. As the original design of the angle grinder is only used to polish, so the saw, cut function is not the original intention of the designer, but later with the use of a wide range and improvements, these features are also slowly integrated in one, but for the saw, cut these Function is a certain requirement, because the grinding machine speed is too fast, so the choice of saw blade cutting should pay attention to the thickness of more than 20mm, or easily lead to saw blade stuck, it is very dangerous, may lead to Saw blade fragmentation, heavy machine out of control consequences can not imagine.