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Metal Rack For Home Process To Explain

Jul 01, 2017

Metal frame manufacturing process to explain: glasses are small, seemingly simple, but its production process and other products, Metal Rack for home there are a series of complex and diverse manufacturing processes and production technology requirements, which involves industrial mapping, mold manufacturing, Metal Rack for home stamping, industrial cleaning , Gong cutting welding, surface treatment, electroplating, spraying, assembly, packaging, in addition to casting plastic molding, dyeing and a series of complex manufacturing processes. Metal Rack for home According to statistics, the production of a finished product frames need at least 250 processes around the following points to be introduced in several parts: a pair of glasses production is the first step to draw drawings, three views with accessories, three views is to be distributed to the production line The above use, accessories map requirements more accurate, will directly affect the precise frame of Chengdu. Draw the drawing This is the foundation, Metal Rack for home it is very important

1. Circle: with the molding of the special ring material, Metal Rack for home through the open material, winding process made of the frame there are two kinds of production process for a fully automatic computer around the wire machine, one for the wire after the material and then around Circle, Metal Rack for home then ring and then pressure arc.

2. Stamping products: glasses with spare parts mainly to stamping. Such as the nose, the package, eyebrows, foot silk, etc., the main manufacturing process is as follows: open material → lun silk (mainly foot wire) → oil pressure (embossed pattern / letter, etc.) → flash → bend → rough roll

Lulu is a certain diameter and length of the round wire, with a cold drawing machine (commonly known as the whirl machine) into the N section set by the different diameter and length, Metal Rack for home and a certain taper requirements of the re-products. Its main purpose is simple and convenient to save time and material to achieve the production of parts foot silk production, greatly reducing the difficulty of the production process foot silk.

Surface treatment process. Polished, Metal Rack for home drums process yellow wax opening → solder joints → cleaning → tightening screws → inspection → coarse drums drums → fine sand drums → bucket bucket sand → white wax polishing → test 2. Electroplating process cleaning (hot dip ultrasonic in addition to wax, electrolytic degreasing, neutral activation) → pre-plating bottom → color → spray lac

3. Point paint / package flower process

Front off / loading / packing process

1. Before the process of the foot test → screen printing (baking) → toe tail flat → sets of sets of sleeves → bend sets of shoes → fishing wire (fishing wire frame) ↑ ↓ plating rack test → foot silk tail tube leather → printing (Baked) to play care leaves

2. (Baking) → card (loading and landing) → school frame → cleaning (drying) → full inspection (PQC) → labeling (labeling) → sticking / packing process / Tag → packing pocket → box → box packing

Home metal frame is an important tool for modernization and efficiency, so the shelf industry has come into being, and the market demand is getting higher and higher. Metal Rack for home With the rapid development of the economy, foreign-funded enterprises poured into China's Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area, not only led to the development of the local economy, but also bring new management concepts and management techniques. With the continuous increase in production capacity of enterprises, Metal Rack for home enterprise warehouse standardization, Metal Rack for home efficient and naturally mentioned the schedule up. Shelf refers to the shelf of goods. The storage equipment used to store items.