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Metal Rack For Home Process

Jul 11, 2017

Metal frame manufacturing process to explain: glasses are small, Metal Rack for home seemingly simple, but its production process and other products, Metal Rack for home there are a series of complex and diverse manufacturing processes and production technology requirements, which involves industrial mapping, mold manufacturing, stamping, industrial cleaning , Gong cutting welding, surface treatment, electroplating, Metal Rack for home spraying, assembly, packaging, in addition to casting plastic molding, Metal Rack for home dyeing and a series of complex manufacturing processes. According to statistics, the production of a finished product frames need at least 250 processes around the following points to be introduced in several parts: a pair of glasses production is the first step to draw drawings, Metal Rack for home three views with accessories, Metal Rack for home three views is to be distributed to the production line The above use, accessories map requirements more accurate, will directly affect the precise frame of Chengdu.

First, the production of parts 1. Metal Rack for home Circle: has been formed with a dedicated lap material, through the open material, Metal Rack for home winding process made of the frame there are two kinds of production technology for a fully automatic computer around the wire machine, Open and then rewinding, Metal Rack for home then ring and then pressure arc.

2. Stamping products: glasses with spare parts mainly to stamping. Metal Rack for home Such as the nose, the package feet, eyebrows, Metal Rack for home foot wire, etc., the main manufacturing process is as follows: open material → lun silk (mainly foot wire) → oil pressure (embossed pattern / letter, etc.) → flash → bend → roll → In addition, the wire is a certain diameter and length of the round wire, with a cold drawing machine (commonly known as the whirl machine) into the N section of the different diameter and length, and a certain taper requirements of the re-products The Its main purpose is simple and convenient to save time and material to achieve the production of parts foot silk production, Metal Rack for home greatly reducing the difficulty of the production process foot silk.

The metal organic skeleton compound (MOFs) is a porous crystalline material consisting of an organic skeleton and a metal ion which can be used to capture large amounts of fine particles by electrostatic adsorption. Metal Rack for home Professor Wang Bo and his team of Beijing Institute of Technology have synthesized three MOF crystalline compounds and attached them to different substrate surfaces, Metal Rack for home including textiles, Metal Rack for home foams and plastic materials, to achieve double-sided hot rolling.

After laboratory testing, air filtration at room temperature results show that the material can effectively reduce the airborne pm2.5 and pm10 pollutants by 99.5%, only at 200 ° C when there is less efficiency loss The In addition, the potential application of the material in filtration also includes the area of the ash bag for household vacuum cleaners and the area of the vehicle exhaust pipe.