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Metal Rack For Home Manufacturing Process And Production Technology

May 22, 2017

Metal Frame manufacturing Process explanation: Although the glasses are small, Metal Rack for home seemingly simple, but its production process and other products, there are a series of complex manufacturing processes and production technology requirements, including industrial drawing, mold manufacturing, stamping molding, industrial cleaning, Metal Rack for home gong-cut welding, surface treatment, electroplating, spraying, assembly, packaging, as well as casting plastic molding, dyeing and a series of complex manufacturing processes. According to statistics, the production of a finished glass frame requires at least 250 procedures, the following sections are introduced: Metal Rack for home The first step in the production of glasses is to draw drawings, three views and accessories drawings, the three views are to be distributed to the production line above the use, the requirements of the spare parts map more accurate, will directly affect the precision of the glasses frame Metal Rack for home Chengdu. Drawing drawings This is the foundation, very important

Yi Production Molding 1. Circle: Metal Rack for home With the formed special coil materials, through the opening of materials, around the circle of production, the picture frame has two kinds of production process for automatic computer winding machine, one for the coil to open Metal Rack for home the material and then around the circle, after the circle and then pressure radian. 2. Stamping Products: glasses production of spare parts mainly to stamping. such as the nose, foot, eyebrows, feet, and so on, the main manufacturing process is as follows: open material → wire (mainly feet) → oil pressure (embossed pattern/letter, etc.) → flying Edge → bending → heavy roll → throw Huang wire Introduction: Rotary wire is a certain diameter and length of the round wire, with a cold drawing machine (commonly known as The Wire machine) to the different diameter and length set by the N section, Metal Rack for home and has a certain taper requirements of the products. The main purpose of this paper is to make the production of the part foot wire conveniently and easily, and greatly reduce the process difficulty of the production of the foot silk.

A. After the first coarse earthquake, the fine earthquake, Metal Rack for home and then Huanglashi straight to throw both sides of the flying edge and the medial plane

Two. Bai straight to the inside

Three. Welded hinges or spring boxes (after inspection, assembly)

Four. The medial bai is directly removed from the weld black spot (can be tilted around the end of the hinge or spring box, but is not allowed to be thrown horizontally)

Five. Inspection (set of plastic tube protection)

Six. Milling foot Head (scraping Burr, annealing)

Seven. Bent Foot silk Head

Eight. Polished curved foot (ultrasonic cleaning)

Nine. Bag feet

Ten. When the frame is thrown Huanglashi open the surface hits the spot, rolls the barrel (walnut grain), then throws the Bai copper skin, the steel skin or the eyebrow

A. After the first coarse earthquake, fine earthquake, Metal Rack for home and then Huanglashi throw the flying edge, straight to throw both sides

Two. Bai Straight throw inside

Three. Milling foot Head (cutting head)

Four. Stamping Radian

Five. Bend the foot (bend the foot and then bend the curvature of the foot)

Six. Fleece Wheel Bai throw inside (pin and goblet)

Seven. Bead wire (if any)

Eight. Welding Glass

Nine. Connecting feet