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Metal Hook For Home With Skills

Nov 02, 2017

Home metal hook bearing strong, can be used repeatedly, long life, do not hurt the wall, apply to a variety of smooth surface kitchen hanging objects, bathroom, bedroom, close to the full waterproof, anti-oil, dust, detergent can be used. Seamless hooks focus on environmental protection, focusing on convenience, focusing on the simplicity of life. So its greatest value is not the use of individual individuals, but also is the base point of non-destructive installation, use it instead of expansion screws. So that the installation of no trace, simple. Home life I call the personality of the era, convenience can not be ignored, the child can be free to disassemble the installation, no longer let the installation as a project.

First, the hook to buy knowledge:

With the improvement of people's living standards, the simple functional space has not met people's spiritual pursuit, people use "home accessories" "soft decoration" and other words to describe the importance of home space to create the atmosphere, then more accurate The word should be called home furnishings. Home furnishings refer to the furnishings of furnishings, furnishings, home furnishings and so on in a certain space. Through the perfect design technique, the space will be expressed in the whole space, which makes the whole space satisfy the material pursuit and spiritual pursuit.

Household metal hook no trace, environmental protection, leaving no trace, re-use of the characteristics of the market in the hook more and more occupy an important position. The traditional type of hook, viscose hook will often cause some damage to the veneer, or in the veneer left traces, destruction, damage veneer, etc., has gradually faded out of people's vision. The sucker hook generally can not afford the weight of the object too. When buying, please pay attention to see the weight of the hook restrictions.

Hook is not just a practical object, in the home decoration is played the role of finishing touch. Therefore, when buying hooks, in full consideration of the type and weight of suspended items at the same time, should be based on their own home style to choose the appropriate hook. Smooth wall and rough wall of the hook selection, living room and bathroom hook selection, pastoral style and modern style of the hook selection. Many places with the intention of embellishment, in order to create a comfortable and warm living environment.

Second, hook with skills:

Small hook on the huge home room is too small, but there are creative hooks can attract a lot of attention, not only can play the basis of the role of hook, but also add a new flavor of the room. Different styles of home decoration with a different hook, do not have some fun. In the hook in the integration of some interesting elements has gradually become a fashion, simple and creative linked to the house and add a beautiful style.

There are wooden hooks, iron hooks, plastic hooks, etc., can be used with different colors, different styles of hook, reflecting the different style of mood.If you choose is pure pig iron to build the ancient hook. Take the retro route, round On the surface of the fine hollow pattern, seems to be related to a family of totems, adding a bit mysterious and ancient, suitable for elegant and gorgeous classical home; if you choose is around the hook, the use of curved lines, so that home show the most Gentle side.

Exquisite iron hook, showing the designer's humor and imagination, the material can be seen everywhere can be transformed into a vivid product. If there is such a lovely little thing on the wall, an ordinary wall immediately vividly, the whole house has a sweet feeling.

Household metal hooks are clean

1, regularly clean with water or mild detergent to clean the surface of the product, and then wipe with a soft towel, in order to keep the appearance bright and clean, do not use salt or vinegar as the base of the cleaning agent.

2, can be coated with toothpaste and soap cotton wet wipes, gently wipe, and then wash with water on it.

3, regular cleaning products to keep its appearance bright and clean.