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Metal Hook For Home Tools

Sep 19, 2017

Household metal hook, modern household most commonly used clothes hat hook is floor type, have iron art, solid wood and other different material. In the face of the real estate market, where housing prices are absurdly high, the majority of people choose the smaller model to balance the contradiction between income and housing price. In this way, make full use of every inch indoor space becomes very necessary, so floor type clothes cap hook is in space to take advantage of no advantage. Today I will teach you DIY is a very saving space on the wall hang hooks, the operation is very simple, do not need any special skills, learn from me!


Steel pipe, hook joint, wall support joint, metal tube plug, expansion screw

Inner hexagon wrench, power tools, screws, rubber hammers, markers

Step 1: prepare the raw materials

Prepare a 60cm outer diameter 33.7mm metal tube, 4 hangers, 2 wall support structures and 2 metal tube plugs and corresponding operating tools

Step 2: preassemble the hanger

Put the 4 hook joints in the metal tube, the wall support joint is laid flat, and the metal tube is placed in the middle of the two wall support joints

Step 3: assemble the hanger structure

Will use Allen key link joints and metope support joint socket head screw, make the six average fixed on the metal tube, pipe joint keep four link joint on a plane, and make the support joint plane and metope has fixed plane parallel to the screw holes.

Step 4: fix the metal tube plug

The two metal tube plugs were tapped into both ends of the metal pipe by a rubber hammer

Step 5: identify the hanger position

Place the assembly well in the position to be installed and mark the position of the screw hole in the wall support joint using a marker pen

Step 6: drilling

Use electric tools to drill holes in the wall of the wall, and the expansion screw rubber sleeve into the drilled hole

Step 7: fix the hook

Place the hook into the drill hole and screw into the rubber cover to tighten

Step 8: complete

Check all the screws to make sure they are tightened and fixed, and now you can use them!


Use electric tools to drill holes to pay attention to safety while laying a piece of paper on the floor to catch the white powder from the hole drilled through the wall