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Metal Hook For Home Looks Beautiful.

Jun 05, 2017

Metal Hook for home In order to make the home look beautiful, we will use the no trace hooks to hang all kinds of items. In particular, a girl's bedroom usually hangs all kinds of gadgets, can put some flowers to decorate, not only will not cause damage to the wall,Metal Hook for home but also make the small bedroom looks more warm and comfortable

No trace hooks are made from plant acid, turpentine, cellulose and other raw materials. No trace hooks focus on environmental protection, convenience and simplicity of life. The maximum value of the trace-free hooks is not in the individual use, but in the base point of the non destructive installation, which replaces the expansion screws. Let the installation be no trace, simple.

Uncover the other side of the protection bar, and then directly paste the trace-free hook on the wall. Remove the individual hook (hook upward push can be taken down, and the glue bar and back plate is still glued to the wall), and then use the hand to press the back of the wall, Metal Hook for home so that the glue bar evenly. Then hang up the trace after the static 24 hours, so that the glue full after the normal use (please be careful not to exceed the mark-free hook standard load). The removal process is relatively simple. Remove the hooks (with the backplane and strips on the wall) and stretch the strips vertically downward until the back plate is off.

Hang up where you want to go, there is no trace is the biggest feature of Feifei cat sticky Hook. Free of nails, waterproof, moisture-proof, affixed to the walls of the room, can be decorated, can also hang things, killing each other. Although it is lightweight, but it has super load-bearing capacity, Metal Hook for home but also can be reused, suction is not reduced.

The lazy mop is the Gospel of housewives. The traditional drag-and-drop needs to be stooped, and difficult to clean. Lazy mop can sweep all kinds of ground, vertical mop, 360 ° omni-directional rotation, can be flexible telescopic. With electrostatic dusting paper, it is also decontamination of the No. Want to make the home become more neat, bright, how can less have a super clean function of the lazy person mop.

Perfect home to receive, inseparable from the hook, whether it is the door, or bedroom room, desk wall all need them. Add a warmth to your home and look at all the creative hooks in these shapes.

The linked module can be changed, and the black and colored blocks can be arbitrarily shifted.

Before painting the wall to set a good air-conditioning brand, Metal Hook for home model, so that air-conditioning installation personnel first to drill the air conditioning hole, while the indoor machine hooks are installed well, so that will not affect the decoration effect. The location of the socket is also determined in advance, preferably close to the air conditioner, and is a separate socket, and other appliances used separately. Its input power is about 700 watts, 1500 watts, so only 10 amps are needed. But if the purchase of high-power cabinets, you must choose a professional outlet.

Whether you want a stereo or not, you'd better make a good line before you shop, AV, video, and speaker line should take into account their respective location. Metal Hook for home Once forget the wiring, in the future to buy audio, connecting all kinds of lines can only walk on the ground, very influence beautiful.

Unless the developer has been well drained, it is necessary to play the hole in advance when decorating. At the same time socket power to be installed in the dry place, if the washing machine to be placed in the bathroom, washing machine power to be 1.2 meters above the ground, before the decoration of the power supply location to determine。