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Metal Hook For Home Installation Steps

Sep 04, 2017

Modern home most commonly used coat hook is floor type, there are iron, solid wood and other different materials. Faced with the current high prices are still outrageous real estate market, most people choose a smaller apartment to balance the income and the contradiction between housing prices. In this way, make full use of each inch of the interior space becomes very necessary, so floor-style clothing hook in space utilization does not take any advantage. Today to teach you DIY is a very space-saving wall hanging hook, the operation is very simple, do not need any special skills, learn with me!

Step 1: Prepare raw materials

Prepare a metal tube with a diameter of 60 cm in diameter of 33.7 mm, 4 brackets, 2 wall support structures and 2 metal plugs and corresponding operating tools

The second step: pre-assembled hanging hook

The four hook joints to wear metal pipe, wall support joints put flat, metal tube into the middle of the two wall support joints

The third step: assembly hook hook structure

Use the Allen wrench to tighten the hook connector to the hexagon socket screw on the wall support connector so that the 6 pipe joints are fixed on the metal tube evenly and hold the four hooks on a flat surface and allow the plane to support the wall The joint has a fixed surface with a screw hole.

Step 4: Fix the metal pipe plug

Place two metal stoppers using a rubber hammer to type the ends of the metal tube

Step 5: Determine the hook hook position

Place the assembly in the position to be installed and use the marker to indicate the position of the wall support connector screw hole

Step 6: Drilling

Use the power tool to drill holes in the wall mark and insert the expansion screw rubber sleeve into the drill hole

Step 7: Fix the hooks

Place the hook on the hole and insert the screw into the rubber sleeve

Step 8: Complete

Check all the screws to make sure they are tightened and can now be used!

When operating the power tool, pay attention to safety, while the ground to shop a piece of paper to catch the wall drilling drilled white powder

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