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Metal Hook For Home Free Circulation Based

May 10, 2017

In the gold standard era,Metal Hook for home  countries through its monetary gold to determine the exchange rate, called the metal linked. Home metal hook This currency and gold hook is based on the free flow of gold. During World War I, the belligerents have terminated gold exports, countries devaluation, no longer can be a fixed rate of exchange of gold, then, the actual currency with gold decoupling. The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 stipulates that members of the International Monetary Fund, whose currencies should be converted to gold or dollars at fixed exchange rates, are linked to gold or the dollar. This agreement Metal Hook for home establishes the international currency status of the dollar, Metal Hook for home and the established national monetary system is called the Bretton Woods system. In August 1971, the dollar ceased to be freely convertible with gold, the Bretton Woods system collapsed, and then the currencies were no longer converted to the dollar at a fixed rate, that is, decoupling from the dollar.
The home of the wire is always pulled to pull, it is easy to appear exposed skin, a few small metal hook can be easily fixed, to solve this problem.
Used to hook people will find that a lot of household metal hook when hanging heavy objects will be out, then how can we get hook more firmly, more solid it? The following several fire law quite practical, come try it The common purpose of the following methods is to drive the air inside the clean sucker, if you also have a way to clean the air can also be hooked sticky more firmly.
Method 1: water: household metal hook in advance to the wall,Metal Hook for home  mirror wipe clean, dry dry stand, drop a few drops of water in the hook sucker, and then quickly stick to the wall, sticky from time to time around to open, so Can be better to suck out the air in the sucker, hook sticky more solid.
 Method 2: with hot water: the wall, mirror wipe clean, dry standby, household metal hook to prevent dust or small particles on the wall so that the suction cup into the air. Put the sucker on hot water (70 degrees to 80 degrees) in hot ten to fifteen seconds seconds, home metal hook and then stick to the wall when the stick from the middle to the surrounding pressure, so that the ball will be better The air is driven out and the sticks are more secure.
Method three: egg clear: in order to stick more firmly, in advance of the wall, mirror wipe clean, dry stand. Use chopsticks to spread the eggs evenly on the sucker, and then stick to the wall, sticky method and the first two steps the same. Before hanging heavy objects, up and down gently shaking under the sucker hook, check the firmness of a strong sucker
Installation Notes
1) According to the cable model and the size of the outer diameter of the appropriate cable hook, every 1.2m ~ 1.8m (cable can not be sagging limit) as a suspension unit, each unit hanging according to one or more cable hook.
2) hanging, the first special bolt or other suspension pieces will be hooked on the wall of the hook, hook fixed, the curved hook was vertical sagging. Such as multiple cable suspension need to use a group of two pairs of hanging hook. Construction workers on the ground first hook two pairs, and then fixed by the former law. 3) When the two hooks are connected in series, the hooks of the hooks are aligned with the hooks of the other hooks. Press the household metal hooks so that the trains are completely inserted into the hanging holes, and then the crank hooks are rotated so that the two hooks are straight The rod section is 180 ° C.
4) to confirm the cable into the arc after the hook, the construction staff can release the cable.
1) The number of hooks per unit can not be more than 10.
2) In order to improve the quality of the suspension, the straight rod of the hook is preferably close to the well when resting, and if it can not be done, the number of series or the increase of the unit group should be appropriately reduced.
3) It is forbidden for the construction personnel to quickly push the cable into the curved hook in the form of a volley jump, which may cause the arc hook to bear the weight of the cable in the moment and cause the fracture.
4) to confirm the cable into the arc after the hook, the construction staff can release the cable.