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Metal Hook For Home Easy To Take

Oct 26, 2017

1, "or when the cooking is too tired when the hand is the time to touch the first time, Metal Hook for home the kitchen looks like a dangerous place!" This problem, because the size is not good.

Everyone's height and operating habits are not the same, so the height of the console, Metal Hook for home hanging cabinets and other intervals are not too high, so easy to take things, it will not touch the head. Hood and cooker at least 75cm distance between the console and hanging cabinet at least 50cm, the height of the console is generally 78-85cm.

2, "why the kitchen is always wet?" In accordance with the washing - preparation - cooking order, plastic hook placed all kinds of kitchen utensils, Metal Hook for home you can solve this problem.

The position of the kitchen sink is very important, the planning is not good, it is easy to splash water, and the location of the sink should be arranged according to individual habits, Metal Hook for home the general order is to wash - prepare - cooking order to set the operation. Conditional, Metal Hook for home it is best to choose the retaining table, so that will not make the kitchen wet everywhere.

3, "to find something in the kitchen, just to rummaging through." By arranging a small object, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

Kitchen tools should be within reach, the washing area can be set up some metal rods or plastic hooks and the like, you can also use the wall and other storage items. The sink is not conducive to storage of food, Metal Hook for home will be more humid, but you can place some cleaning supplies. Metal Hook for home At the same time you can drawers and lockers together, so that both can store items, and beautiful, cooking mood is very good.

1, the overall performance is better, high impact strength, Metal Hook for home chemical stability, good electrical performance.

2, and 372 plexiglass good weldability, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome-plated surface, paint treatment.

3, a high impact, Metal Hook for home high heat resistance, flame retardant, Metal Hook for home enhanced, transparent and other levels.

4, mobility than HIPS almost, than the PMMA, PC and so good, good flexibility.

ABS plastic for the production of general mechanical parts,Metal Hook for home wear wear parts, transmission parts and telecommunications parts.