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Metal Hook For Home Easily Fixed

Jul 01, 2017

The most common method is to dip in the suction wall before the suction wall on the back of the hook, Metal Hook for home and then quickly stick to the wall. Metal Hook for home Although this way will be better than no water, but the effect is still not very satisfactory.

Need to be better with soap and water, the same is also the soapy water applied to the back of the sucker hook, and then quickly stick to the wall, to be dry through the things you can hang, the effect is very good.

The use of egg will be more trouble, Metal Hook for home you need to first egg eggs in the separation, and then use the cotton swab in the back of the hook covered with egg white, even after the hook stick to the need to hang things in the position. Pay attention to just stick up the hook do not immediately hang something, to wait for the egg completely dry, generally takes about 12 hours, this time in the role of egg clear, Metal Hook for home sucker hook will become very strong, hanging things no longer Worry about falling often.

If you think it is more troublesome and wasteful with egg white, you can use a relatively simple, but also often used in life to replace things, the best is toothpaste.Metal Hook for home Squeeze the right amount of toothpaste applied to the back of the sucker hook, and then stick in the appropriate position, until the toothpaste is almost better with the hook when you can hang things. This way out of the effect is also very good, compared to water or soapy water smear the effect is better.

The home of the wire is always pulled to pull, Metal Hook for home it is prone to epidermal exposed situation, a few small hook can be easily fixed to solve this problem

TV cable on the back of the line is not easy to find, Metal Hook for home just stick in the fuselage after a hook, do not have to worry about nowhere to be found.

Hair dryer, electric plywood just gently wrapped around hanging on the hook, looks neat and clean!

Want to use the flat watch program, but do not want to be holding hands, Metal Hook for home just hook on the use of the field, the four hooks can be fixed up and down.

Children's toys too much? Just put two hooks on both sides of the corners of the corner, Metal Hook for home with a mesh loaded toys, and the mesh knot hanging on the hook can be.

With H hook hook pants ring, Metal Hook for home can save a large room for the wardrobe to space. Similarly, the belt can also be stored in this way.

In the corner of the special provision of some space to put jewelry, Metal Hook for home a row of hooks placed neatly, jewelry can be linked to the classification. No longer have to worry about the ring, earrings are always lost