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Metal Hook For Home Creative And Practical

May 15, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, Metal Hook for home family metal hooks have been replaced by generations. Getting married from elders is the need to have three-piece, to home theater, computer, etc. Nowadays, people need not only the electrical appliances that can work, but Metal Hook for home also the more practical appliance of innovation. Small series today for you to introduce some creative practical small family with metal hook ~

Whether for the kitchen novice or the kitchen Metal Hook for home veteran, the person's eyes are obviously not accurately judging how much. For people who like to delve into baking, they need an electronic spoon, which is more precise and easier to use than ordinary kitchens. Especially for the usual kitchen with salt, oil and other spices, as well as dispensing for medicinal herbs, or for children to eat milk powder, etc. are super applicable.

Small and cute machine, home metal Metal Hook for home hook retro red atmosphere and dirty. Built-in security switches, easy to use. Oblique-cut blade, making the ice sand more delicate, softer texture. The fixed cup is designed to catch the ice sand. The bottom with a super suction sucker, so that the machine running stability will not be shaken by the body around the small monster. Summer is approaching, quickly to make a simple sanitary delicious ice Bar ~

Hand-held ultra-mini washing machine, Metal Hook for home using 3-7th battery-driven, can produce 700 beats per minute frequency, with "squeeze wash" washing way decontamination. Wash a water consumption of only 10ml, duration of 30 seconds. Suitable for attending important gatherings, meetings, etc. Just 30 seconds to wash the stain on the clothes, no more embarrassing wearing oily clothes ran to the situation.

In the rainy season in the south, a metal hook is not careful about the underwear for one weeks. Home metal Hook This dryer finally liberated our panties! Clothes Metal Hook for home hanger shape of the dry artifact, can produce high speed air flow, fast drying clothes. Folding hooks, incorporating fast and convenient. A key to easy operation, double lights clear instructions. Built-in microcomputer Metal Metal Hook for home Hook for home protection program, three-hour automatic switching hot air to cold wind. High temperature overheat protection system, the machine adopts high temperature resistant fireproof material made, use safety at ease. Travel is also a prerequisite artifact! In particular, to the South travel of the small partners, with it absolutely right.

Concentric connection shaft design, so that each module can rotate 360 degrees. Household metal hooks According to the different needs of each person arbitrarily or minus modules, to achieve the rationalization of the plug hole and space use, no longer for the number of holes in the Metal Hook for home planning of trouble. More intimate is on both sides of the design has two stents, the electrical wiring can be gathered together, the outlet next to the line is not a mess. Whole body plastic insulation protection, non-metallic exposure, so that the electric shock is unreachable.

Stylish Avantgarde appearance, high impact Metal Hook for home resistance, broken special glass. No holes and structural parts patent design. Anti-slip abrasive grain panels, fashionable body-coated waist Silver Line elegant. Strong hardware performance. The measurement is rapid, and the third generation G-type sensors and the double cheek fat are used to measure accurately. More than a gym hand-held single-frequency * 2 sensors equipment more scientific, reliable. Cooperate with the app to facilitate a thorough understanding of the health of the body.

A bad memory always after the door to tangle oneself shut down the window? Domestic metal hook installed such a remote WiFi anti-theft alarm, forgot to shut the doors and windows when the equipment by connecting WiFi and notify you by mobile phone. The device automatically alerts you when the doors and windows are open unexpectedly. And at any time through the mobile app can see all the equipment switch status, history and so on. More intelligent is that the device can simultaneously authorize multiple people to use, home metal hooks will not be incorrect alarm situation.

There is always something to be remembered at work to remind yourself not to forget. Used to buy color convenience paper, and then handwritten. Now you can print your convenience stickers! This note printer adopts a thermal-sensing technique built-in to print head, and household metal hooks escape The troubles of replacing cartridges. Can be printed in the Chinese, English, Japanese, the number can be easy to handle. Cute little patterns can also come in the fun