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Metal Hanger Various Forms

Sep 04, 2017

The metal hanger is the shelf used to ride the clothes. "Luban by the gunsmith" talked about a good hanger and flower racks two, the outside is relatively rare. The hanger was different from the current hanger. Modern hangers are mostly hooked or branched, clothes and more to neck collar hanging on the hook.

The ancients racks, including the Qing Dynasty hangers, the use of cross bar form, both sides of the column, up and down the wooden pier base, between the two horizontal or horizontal cross, the top of the column beam, both ends of the column, The dragon and the wind or Ganoderma lucidum or cloud head and the like. Under the bar in the brand, on the carved decoration, mainly from the solid role. After the clothes off on the bar.

There are many forms of drying racks, the following describes several common types.

Balcony lift type

Is installed in the balcony, by hand or electric way to make dry rods down, the clothes dry, then make a dry rods up a drying rack. This product is suitable for use in the balcony of the family and dormitory.


Wall-mounted wall hangers are mounted on the wall, the installation height of the general to the human chest, the design should be able to play and put down, usually put down the wall, do not take up space, to dry clothes when playing. These clotheshouses are short for hotels, dorms, hospital wards, family rooms and so on. Long for outdoor, such as a villa or a yard house.

Floor style

Floor-type floor drying rack is directly on the ground with a drying rack, now common X-type, butterfly type (also known as airfoil), horizontal bar several horizontal bar. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoors.

Stretch type

Stretch type stretching rack is also installed on the wall, usually can be pushed on the wall, when used to open clothes to open. Suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoors.

Regardless of the type of drying racks, but its main function or used to clothes, we should be in the purchase of practical, economical-based.

1. Metal hanger load-bearing capacity is not strong plastic racks,

2. The life of the metal hanger is generally longer than the plastic hanger

3. Metal hanger is not easy to damage, and plastic hangers can easily break or break

Of course, what type of hanger to buy, but also need to locate their own in what grade, low-grade general can use ordinary plastic hangers, and generally in the high-end most use metal hanger.