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Metal Hanger The Role Of

Aug 09, 2017

The role of Non-slip plastic hanger, as its name implies, Metal Hanger is to prevent clothes from falling off the hanger. Hanger Standard Non-slip adhesive is transparent color, if the customer wants to change the color of the non-slip plastic to the same as the hanger color is also possible.

Anti-slip glue and paste up on the assembly, Metal Hanger affixed to the comparison of labor, and assembled on the groove according to the press down on it. There is also a more special non-slip rubber is "O-type non-slip ring."

In a sense, there are many styles in the anti-slip glue, such as small rough points. Therefore, the knowledge of racks is profound. If you want to know more about racks of knowledge, Metal Hanger please come to consult the two forest log source.

Now electric drying racks have been integrated into people's lives, especially in the modern community, in the renovation will take into account the use of electric drying racks, a lot of people will choose to open the living room and balcony to enjoy the sun, so how to skillfully put the drying racks into the overall design of the house well, Metal Hanger below we give you a detailed introduction of the electric drying racks installation Method!

1. For the living room with the ceiling, you can use the dark slot reasonably, Metal Hanger and the electric drying rack is hidden in, this son from the living room to see, hidden into the drying racks equivalent to a part of the ceiling, appears to be scattered orderly, that is, the role of the hidden drying racks, but also in the visual distinction, but this method is only suitable for single rod drying racks, Metal Hanger and the height of the ceiling in 10-15cm around.

2. In the renovation, you can take into account the electric drying racks into the ceiling of the modelling design, according to the characteristics of the drying racks, Metal Hanger the window will be a few of the ceiling as a drying racks. Only need to use two or three of the ceiling for drying racks to strengthen the treatment, Metal Hanger taking into account the height of the clothes, the ceiling is designed into a ladder-like, Metal Hanger the height of the wrong layer, so that the ceiling of the wooden frame beam into a drying racks.

3. The appropriate decoration can be used to make some curtain curtains, both in line with the overall design, but also to meet the needs of the clothes.

Buy clothes racks usually mainly look at seven places: drying rod thickness, Metal Hanger drying rod material, drying rod surface, steel wire rope, pulley, hand-cranked, expansion screws.

Look at the drying rod thickness: buy and lift racks are not the thicker the better, Metal Hanger but moderate. Too thick pole, shaking up too heavy, not suitable for lifting. Pole to

Moderate thickness, 1.0 to 1. The thickness of 2mm is more suitable.

Look at the drying rod material: At present, there are stainless steel, Metal Hanger aluminum-magnesium alloy, silicon magnesium titanium alloy, consumers to distinguish the material, one is to pay attention to the business description

Information, the choice of reputable merchants, Metal Hanger the second is the direct force of the two ends of the lever, aluminum alloy will often bend, Metal Hanger can not be restored, titanium alloy will not.

Look at the surface of the rod: the surface treatment of the drying rod mainly includes polishing treatment, electroplating treatment, spray treatment and electrophoresis treatment.Metal Hanger Electrophoretic processing technology is the most complex,

The surface of the rod is very bright and the grade is the best. Polishing processing is the simplest, belongs to low-end products, this rod surface looks very bright, Metal Hanger close to the primary colors of aluminum alloy

, but no surface oxidation treatment, Metal Hanger long time, the rod surface will be blackened.

Look at the wire rope: A look at the weight, Metal Hanger two see flexibility. The thicker the wire rope the softer the better, the identification method is to fold the wire rope, let go and see if you can restore.