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Metal Hanger The Production

Aug 21, 2017

Metal material price fluctuations affect the production of metal hanger

In mid-July, metal materials prices continued to rise slightly, to see the trend of stabilizing the trend, as to whether it can not maintain the price decline in the first half to be questionable. As the price of metal materials fluctuations, making the metal hanger manufacturers said that the production of a certain impact from the cost of the price is not good to grasp, then the direct impact on the final ex-factory price hanger.

The use of cold steel cable for raw materials to do all kinds of hanger, such as underwear or adult hanger, cold drawn steel, also known as low carbon steel, steel is a small branch. However, due to strong fluctuations in the market price of steel products, manufacturers do not dare to enter too much raw materials, only to prepare some, can not stock too much, if the price of steel prices as the first half of the year crash, will directly affect the final hanger transactions.

Through the investigation to understand that a lot of steel companies that the second half of the cold drawn steel situation will certainly be better than the first half of the year, the price will certainly rise, it is recommended that the steel raw materials manufacturers more purchase some. But in July, August is the hanger market downturn, and steel prices are not yet the basis for the overall reversal of the rise is expected in the second half of the market will be volatile, as to what the market, who dare not pack votes.

After all, if the steel prices in accordance with the current purchase, if the price rose, then the hanger manufacturers to make, but as the first half of the crash, profit loss is inevitable. In general, the direction of the steel market volatility is temporarily uncertain, metal racks manufacturers can only take a step further, at any time concerned about market dynamics, and strengthen the manufacturers of their internal strength practice, strict control of metal hanger quality, and constantly open up the market, Keep pace with the times.