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Metal Hanger Strong And Durable

Nov 06, 2017

Advantages of metal Hangers: The price is economical, Metal Hanger the production is relatively easy, suitable for mass production, the metal sense is good, the choice of wire making, lightweight and practical, very suitable for home, high-grade shape and effect of commercial good, Metal Hanger stainless steel material durable, long service life, metal materials can be recycled.

The disadvantage of metal hangers: The household commonly used steel wire bag is easy to deformation, there is the phenomenon of welding off;

Ordinary steel is easy to rust, the need for electroplating oxidation, the aging of the coating will still be rusty after the loss of material, style and surface effect is relatively single; Metal Hanger commercial products are expensive.

Professional design and manufacturing team, advanced production equipment, efficient production, quality assurance! The main products have hanger accessories, hanger hooks, metal hangers, clothing folders, metal signs, etc., the round of production, will be fine! To "Customer first, Metal Hanger service first" principle of service.

The mode of production of metal hangers is different from that of plastic hangers, but the production of solid wood hangers is more complicated than that of plastic hangers.

Metal hangers do not have to specifically develop expensive molds, to manually operate turning grinding and other equipment, and plastic hangers will need a special plastic mold, Metal Hanger the cost of opening mold is 250,000 yuan, it is usually a large demand for customers will open the mold, so that the cost of each product is low. The first time to open the mold generally takes about one months, once the good mold, Metal Hanger you can quickly mass production, its speed than wooden hangers much faster.

Hanger is also life-long Oh! And the plastic hanger with the life of the solid wood hanger is not the same! After all, it's a different kind of material.

Metal hangers have a long commercial life, generally can be up to 3-5 years or longer, but depending on the material and the environment. If the use of high temperature, temperature or pest, Metal Hanger will shorten the life expectancy, if the outside of the paint aging fast, the use of metal parts oxidation rust will end in advance commercial service life. Special reminder, again good wooden hanger is not suitable for drying racks, will accelerate the aging of the protective layer, and then long mold rot.

And the life of plastic hangers due to the material will be aging and grinding flowers, so commercial life is shorter, usually under 3 years, use properly, the use of more than 3 years is completely OK,Metal Hanger poor quality may be less than 1 years. The lifespan of plastic hangers is also affected by materials, processes and environments, for example, pp material life long, good adaptability (but the production process has easily shrunk), metal parts used in the process also has the problem of oxidation, Metal Hanger the process if there is paint, there is the possibility of aging, high-temperature or tanning environment will accelerate the aging of paint and plastics, Low temperature will make some materials obviously brittle, such as PS material.