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Metal Hanger Strong Ability To Load

Jul 24, 2017

Do not trust the advertising effect too much because of its high cost. Metal Hanger Want to be genuine, must be carefully selected, direct sales agent can certainly have a discount:

1, the material is aluminum-magnesium alloy poles, Metal Hanger the surface of the car paint, the weight is too light difference.

2, hand device feel light, the surface treatment of light, Metal Hanger try their own, feel it.

3, stainless steel wire rope Φ1.5mm, wear durable, Metal Hanger with suction stone suction.

4, the key components, such as hand should be on the brand, open with a mold. You can avoid buying assemble hanger.

5, the brand is generally divided into sales areas, Metal Hanger requiring dealers to prove that the goods sold in the region Caixing, after-sales protection.

6, all the sales staff to confirm the commitment to the company, Metal Hanger you can call the toll free to the company to be confirmed.

7, hangers are consumables, small hair disease, Metal Hanger annoying is not small, the most important after-sales service.

8, do not directed at the brand to buy, to meet your requirements is the most critical, or else, can not buy the cheapest.

Metal hanger: aluminum hanger, aluminum hanger for the hanger of the load-bearing capacity may be worse than the iron hanger so little, if the wet clothes heavier, Metal Hanger try not to use aluminum hanger, you can use iron hanger or alloy hanger, their load Ability to strong, strong, heavy clothes will not hang up because it can not support, and cause damage to the hanger, but the iron hanger is a bad, Metal Hanger can not be a long time with water contact, likely to cause the hanger corrosion, rust, Metal Hanger as long as not long There is nothing in the water. If it is alloy or pull steel, there will not be such a thing happen.

Wooden hanger, in our first Chinese hanger is wooden, for wooden racks, try to avoid long time under the sun, high temperature and humidity environment is not enough, Metal Hanger easy to corrosion or crack, affecting the appearance, corrosion Later will produce bacteria, Metal Hanger the clothes are not good, thus causing harm to the human body.

Plastic hangers, Metal Hanger the main drawback is that can not afford too heavy clothes, long hanging clothes may be deformed, or even broken, Metal Hanger so when used to pay attention to.

Cloth hanger, Metal Hanger this type of hanger use less, Metal Hanger can not hang wet clothes, not used to hang clothes need to dry, generally only inside the wardrobe, with the wooden hanger, try not to hot and humid environment, May be faded, this coat is very important maintenance, special attention to clean, Metal Hanger if there is dirty place, have to use a soft cloth dip a little water wipe, let the hanger following the fashion.