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Metal Hanger Noble Quality Of Fashion Life

May 15, 2017

The pursuit of modern life is high-end enjoyment, Metal Hanger stylish life noble quality, clothing storage high-end supplies, for your room to add gorgeous color! Let the sun come more violent!

Qi yu poem metal aluminum alloy stainless steel rack body adopts a new aluminum alloy material, Metal Hanger lightweight anti-rust, connected with one argon arc welding technology, more firmly, in the connection with the design of a unique drainage outlet, effectively avoiding the Metal Hanger accumulation of water inside the shelf. Hanging rope using plastic stainless steel twisted silk, sturdy, Metal Hanger anti-rust, clamp adopts stainless steel metal, nickel-plated high-strength springs. The shelf life of up to 10 years! Metal Hanger Smart woman First Choice.

The design of automatic cutting machine for metal drying rack is carried out, and the overall frame structure of cutting molding machine is set up.

Gauge and detailed design. The main contents are:

1. Overall design

1 The functional structure analysis of the automatic cutting machine of metal drying rack;

2 Develop the overall design plan;

3 Complete the cutting molding machine Metal Hanger mechanism movement design and structure design;

4 Draw the General Assembly diagram.

2. Detailed design

Complete the detailed structure Metal Hanger design of cutting machine, the necessary design calculation, check and selection.

3. Two-dimensional engineering drawings and three-dimensional models

(1) Drawing 2d engineering drawings;

(2) Completing the 3d model.

Metal Hanger Design Requirements

1. The design of metal drying racks automatic Metal Hanger cutting machine should be able to meet the requirements of work;

2. Cutting molding machine design should work reliably, simple structure, easy to use, easy to repair, adjustment;

3. Try to use generic parts to reduce manufacturing costs;

4. Total design drawings: equivalent to A0 format in 3 or more; Tool requirements: 2d drawings drawing using AutoCAD

Software drawing, three-dimensional modelling with Pro-E or UG software optional one; if programmed software adopts VB, VC ++

or MATLAB, etc.

5. Graduation design Specifications According to the school rules of the format of unified layout, printing, the number of words not less than 10,000 words;

6. Access to the literature 10 above, and not less than 3000 Chinese characters of foreign language translation;

7. To the relevant units for graduation internship, writing not less than 3000 words of internship report;

8. Write the open question report;

9. Carry out the basic knowledge training of graduation design, according to the requirements of the examination. ~