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Metal Hanger Light And Practical

Oct 23, 2017

Metal hanger main body is mainly made of metal, may be accompanied by plastic parts, Metal Hanger and even all the outer layer of plastic (plastic).

Metal hanger of the advantages: affordable price; production is relatively easy, suitable for mass production; metal is good; multi-use wire made, lightweight and practical, Metal Hanger very suitable for home; high profile and the effectiveness of commercial good; stainless steel material durable, Product life long; metal raw materials have some recyclable.

Metal hanger of the shortcomings: the family commonly used steel drums hangers easy to deformation, there is the phenomenon of desoldering;

Ordinary steel is easy to rust, the need for plating oxidation, Metal Hanger the aging of the coating will fall after the rust problem; material, style and surface effect is relatively simple; commercial products expensive price.

A magnetic hanger without a hook can be swung back and forth by magnet under any metal rod. Metal Hanger The hanger near the metal clothesets can be adsorbed on the clothes, the hanger can withstand up to two kilograms of heavy clothes, but also can be mutually adsorbed together to save storage space.

 1. imitate more, create less. Most of the hanger styles are imitated, Metal Hanger as long as a hanger factory design a new type of hanger, then some of the other hanger factory will be more then to copy, especially some small hanger factory is so, basically not their own R & D design The As we have a special hanger factory design a new type of hanger, the results are not a few days was another hanger factory in Dongguan moved up on their website, and here is not named.

2. Common, less personality. Although the hanger is daily necessities, Metal Hanger but for clothing companies, clothing stores, the hanger is a pivotal position, the characteristics of the hanger directly reflects the characteristics of clothing brands. However, most of the hanger are similar, with fewer personality hanger.

3. Ordinary, less boutique. At present, v the concept of many consumers still remain in the hanger of the functionality, a small number of people began to pursue high-end, quality, making the hanger manufacturers produce large road products, fine hanger little, only some high-end hanger factory Quality, for a variety of brand clothing store services.

4. Motto more famous brand less. Metal Hanger As the hanger production technology content is very low, making speculators follow the trend, the hanger production manufacturers, although many, but mostly are no-name, brand name is very small in the industry called better.