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Metal Hanger Health And Safety

Jul 11, 2017

Now we use the hanger and more use of metal stainless steel pipe, Metal Hanger then the use of long after the number will be subject to air pollution, Metal Hanger the general treatment of the time to wipe, but for the drying racks of the use of disinfection?

 One way to disinfect the hanger is to disinfect the disinfectant. Metal Hanger According to the appropriate concentration of disinfection, because some hanger is made of metal, too much concentration of disinfectant on the folding racks will be damaged, more harm than good. Metal Hanger There is also a way to save money and effort, will not damage the hanger, that is, under the sun exposure, Metal Hanger this way energy conservation and environmental protection, Metal Hanger safety and health, affordable.

  Hooks believe that needless to say, Metal Hanger we all know what is the use of it Almost every household has a hanger, hangers can be said that each family is not and lack of part. Metal Hanger But today the hanger manufacturers to say is not used to dry clothes hanger, but the mall used to show clothes hanger.

 In the mall, almost all the clothes pants are displayed with a hanger. Clothes show clothes have a certain three-dimensional, and will not take up too many places. Metal Hanger And clothes will not fold, allowing users to visually feel the color of clothes, design, Metal Hanger texture and so on. Hanger manufacturers racks strictly speaking, Metal Hanger regardless of home or shopping malls, Metal Hanger but the mall with the quality of the hanger must be better, or a poor hanger will affect people on a good look at the basic evaluation of clothes.

  To extend the life of electric drying racks, Metal Hanger dry rod, hand, top and other parts must be regularly decontamination, try to do regular maintenance, Metal Hanger so electric racks will be bright as new. Electric drying racks are also one of the favorite clothes racks

Not the same brand of clothes rack, Metal Hanger wire rope quality is different. The maintenance of wire rope is particularly important, regular oil can greatly reduce the friction to ensure that the lift is very smooth, with the pulley between the wear and tear greatly reduced, can greatly extend the life of drying racks, these are simple to do.

Do not use food oil or solid butter, Metal Hanger the best is the oil, sewing machine oil. As far as possible to purchase can promise after the sale of the brand electric drying racks to ensure that high-quality products, Metal Hanger professional installation services, and improve the warranty and maintenance services, before no worries!

1. Conventional hanger, Metal Hanger the main size of the wire diameter, length and height of three. Wire diameter refers to the diameter of the hanger material, Metal Hanger the length refers to the distance between the two ends of the hanger, Metal Hanger and the height of the hanger is the hanger vertical placed in the horizontal plane, from the horizontal to the top of the hanger hook height.

2. Some are not round-shaped part of the hanger, Metal Hanger the hanger is flat this, which is to measure the width of the hanger material, thickness, length and height.

3. Two-line hanger compared to the above two kinds of hanger, then more than a distance between the two lines size. Two-line hangers are common in two forms, one is parallel two lines, Metal Hanger the other is on the line two lines. In some hanger plants, if the width is too small, Metal Hanger or not the conventional size, may need to re-mold, Metal Hanger then the cost of hanger is different.