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Metal Hanger Every Family Has

May 22, 2017

Metal Hanger Hanger believe that needless to say, we all know what the use of it. Almost every household has hangers, hangers can be said to be a part of every family is not and or lack. But today, metal hangers are not meant to be used for clothes hangers, but to display clothing in the mall.

In the mall, almost all clothes and trousers are displayed with hangers. Clothes Hangers show a certain sense of three-dimensional, and will not occupy too many places. And the clothes will not wrinkle, can let the user intuitively feel the color of the clothes, Metal Hanger design, texture and so on. Metal hangers produced by the hanger is strictly not separated or shopping malls, but the market with the hanger quality must be better, or a poor coat hanger will affect people on a of the basic evaluation of clothes.

Metal hangers produce a variety of high-grade, mid-range plastic hangers, Wenzhou hangers, trousers folder and display props. Has a first-class design and a large number of racks, suits, casual wear, women's wear, leather, children's clothing, each has a matching product will be suitable for you.

Since the term "environmental protection" proposed in the future, the degree of attention to all walks of life has become more and more high, metal hangers as a recent years only the rise of the occupation, doubt natural also a lot, such as professional internal vicious Metal Hanger competition, overcapacity and so on, are to a certain extent to curb the development of the profession, and the metal hanger with environmental protection is still quite large, but now in all aspects of the level has been advanced, so, metal hangers and environmental counterparts in today is not a difficult job to end.

So, metal hangers to follow the environmental protection to pay attention to what is it, first of all, the equipment in the production should pay attention to reasonable, not only to constantly maintain, but also to pay attention to environmental protection, second, the company should be rated to strengthen the reduction of the risk factors of the skills and facilities, and ultimately, the management level, Metal Hanger the staff to carry out a regular training, from the beginning

Before the drying racks you only know is used to hang clothes, but today's drying racks are not the only function of these oh, it can decorate the effect of the house, which is a major breakthrough in its industry. So in addition to the purchase in order to choose the quality of good, but also in accordance with their own housing options.

One of the main functions of the balcony is the drying of clothing, with the progress of the times, the traditional bamboo, clothing fork has gradually been replaced by the lifting racks. Lifting and drying racks are divided into manual and automatic two, through the pulley device, so that the clothes bar up and down, convenient for people of different ages and height of clothing. And buy and lift racks, Metal Hanger mainly to see the material and structure.

Look at the surface of the rod: the rod surface treatment technology is very important, the market has the following: polishing treatment, this rod surface looks very bright, close to the primary colors of aluminum alloy, but did not make any surface oxidation treatment, long time, the rod surface will be black; electroplating treatment, often known as the abrasive rod, this treatment process is relatively simple, the surface of the bar is not very bright, the market more see; spray-plastic treatment, many for the color rod, spray-plastic treatment of the rod to carefully check whether the surface is smooth, there is no small bubble paint

Drying racks are about 10 years ago, a kind of clothes drying equipment, there are now hand-cranked and remote control of the two categories, this product has just come out when the drying rod is made of stainless steel pipe, a single style, just as a convenient drying clothes tools, but over time, the production of drying racks more and more manufacturers, more and more competition, drying racks more and more styles, more and more beautiful, drying racks is now not only a drying tool, but also become a decorative decoration, a balcony of the landscape. Drying racks of various accessories are also emerging, every a pieces of accessories can be used as decorations, decorative Modern Family balcony.