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Metal Basket Suppose The Environment

May 22, 2017

The metal basket simulates a hypothetical environment, such as the actual business and management environment that occurs in the Unit and institution. Information provided to the subject, such as correspondence, reports, statements, instructions and related materials, including personnel, Metal Basket funds, financial, market information, government decrees, work procedures and other materials, the material in the official basket, the test requires the subject to be a manager to simulate real life situations and ideas, under the prescribed conditions in a limited time (usually 1-3 hours) to the various types of documents on-site processing, Metal Basket the judges through to the subject of the process of processing documents and the performance of the written answers, Evaluate their planning, authorization, organization, prediction, decision-making, and communication capabilities, Metal Basket which are usually used in the selection of managers. Quizzes are usually given only to calendars, background, test instructions and pen, candidates in the absence of other assistance to reply to the letter, write instructions, Metal Basket make decisions, and arrange meetings, scoring in addition to reading the written results, but also asked the examinee to explain the way the problem is handled, according to their thinking process to be graded. The paper basket test has the characteristics of wide scope and high surface validity, so it is very popular and uses frequency to be the first of various situational simulation tests.

The entire metal basket file test design should pay special attention to two points:

One is the difficulty of the test material grasp. At present, there is a lack of objective and reliable basis for the level of knowledge, experience and ability of each position in China, difficult to grasp. GRASP, material too difficult, although as a selection test can sometimes be selected to a very good talent, but overqualified, it is difficult to imagine this person will be relieved of the job, and lead to waste of human resources. Material is too easy, the test will appear "ceiling effect", we all have high points, the ability to distinguish between candidates.

Second, we should pay attention to the degree of authenticity of material. Completely fabricated materials, candidates can be based on general knowledge reasoning, Metal Basket processing results are not targeted, can not see the level differences in candidates, candidates have to be admitted after a long period of training and adapt to work. Completely authentic material, too biased in the experience of the test, ignoring the potential of the test, the final selection of the person is definitely the same as the recruitment unit culture atmosphere, contrary to the introduction of foreign talent, to the unit into the original purpose of fresh blood. Metal Basket At the same time completely authentic material, make the recruitment examination itself to the unit internal examinee and the unit outside examinee is unfair, the same ability level inside examinee is admitted more likelihood, result to leave "everything is the default, the examination is only formality" impression, this is especially disadvantageous to the unit that wants to introduce outside talented person truly.