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Metal Basket Save Energy

Oct 18, 2017

The metal basket used in the industry is different from the household, and because the environment in the factory is more complicated, even if the metal basket has some flavor, it may not be heard if it is not in a closed environment. The metal basket used in the industry generally has three cases, one is made of waste plastic, the more common is the black plastic metal basket; the second is mixed with a part of waste plastics, Metal Basket this smell is relatively small , But if in the case of airtight or will still smell, a long time will make people dizzy; third is made of pure plastic raw metal basket, this plastic metal basket is basically no smell, you can rest assured that use.

Heat treatment material metal basket does not need thermal expansion and contraction, began to use stainless steel, the results are easy to failure, very short life, high cost. Later, through the exploration, Metal Basket using a very common A3 steel, received an unexpected effect, long life, Metal Basket deformation is very small, low cost

Metal basket with anti-bending, anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, compression, tear, high temperature, rich colors, packaging box metal basket can be used for turnover and can be used for finished product packaging, lightweight, durable Stacking. Can be customized according to user needs a variety of specifications, size, aluminum alloy edge, can be covered, dustproof, beautiful appearance. Metal Basket General hollow sheet metal basket according to the size of the design provided by the customer, so that the most reasonable load, and multi-box overlap, the effective use of plant space, increase parts storage, saving production costs.

Plastic materials in addition to the requirements of the metal basket to meet the market packaging quality and efficiency requirements such as increasing, but also further requires its energy conservation, saving resources, Metal Basket this plastic material metal basket is high performance, versatility, environmental adaptability, New raw materials, new technology, new equipment and broaden the application areas such as the direction of development.

A heat-treating material metal basket comprising a square-shaped metal basket main body (1), wherein the upper four corners of the material basket body (1) are provided with a puller (2), characterized in that the metal basket main body (3), and the bottom of the metal basket main body (1) is divided into four at least one of the middle reinforcing ribs (3) and the bottom of the metal basket main body (1) (4), each of the four sides of the metal basket main body (1) is further provided with a firm reinforcing rib (5), each of which is reinforced with a reinforcing rib (4), each of which is provided with a mesh reinforcing rib (3), the grid reinforcing ribs (4) and the mesh reinforcing ribs (4) are equal in width to the mesh width of the mesh ribs (4) (5) the use of molecular formula ZG25Crl8Ni9Si2 casting heat-resistant steel one casting.