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Metal Basket Necessities Of Daily Life

May 15, 2017

The so-called metal, is a shiny (that is, the visible light strongly reflected), the rich ductility, easy to conduct, heat conduction, such as the nature of Metal Basket the material, it is a daily necessities, and is widely used in various major areas. For metal basket products, metal is absolutely indispensable to the existence of the motherboard electronic components of the connection, heat dissipation is Metal Basket inseparable from metals, especially in the appearance of the design, metallic elements of the metal basket texture is also obvious.

Metal materials have different, corresponding Metal Basket advantages and disadvantages are also obvious. Aluminum relative iron, stainless steel texture is softer, so in the selection Metal Basket of more meticulous. LR30 Type aluminum plate is a low density, but the strength is close to high-strength aviation grade aluminum alloy material, Nubia Z9 max Metal Box is the use of this material.

Processing operations, the Nubian will weigh 430 grams, Metal Basket thick 7mm LR30 type aluminum plate directly into the Frank CNC machine tool milling, and use up to 30 kinds of T-knife, R-type round knife cutting work, the final shape of the border weight of 7.3 grams.

Then through the mechanical coarse grinding artificial Metal Basket fine grinding, clear the knife pattern and create a radian, then the 0.065mm ceramic sand evenly sprayed on the border, and after 21 different kinds of anode syrup across the cover to soak, processing time for up to 2 hours, repeated 3 times anodized coloring. Finally, the high-light chamfering is polished, and the borders we see now are made.

The entire border is manufactured through 140 processes, Metal Basket and material from 430 grams to 7.3 grams, removes the useless material into 99%. It seems wasteful, after all, Metal Basket the anodic alumina borders are higher than the cost of stainless steel, and of course high costs are also replaced by lighter weights and not weaker than the strength of stainless steel.

In terms of metal material, the advantage of austenitic 304 stainless steel is sturdy, tough and inexpensive, but it is worse than the texture and feel of anodic alumina. However, Metal Basket thanks to the low cost of stainless steel, millet can be saved by the cost to maintain their own low-priced strategy, after all, users are now more focused on or cost-effective.

Compared to those in plain box, the big god X7 this Metal Basket one-shaped edge box has a good stability, and also to the motherboard of the chip heat to bring great help. From the actual grip feel, the big God X7 in addition to giving people a very wide and very big feeling, the border feel is very smooth.

Compared with metal material, plastic material borders not only cost low, light weight and plasticity, the main it will not affect the metal basket signal. But the disadvantages of plastics are also obvious, which is easy to damage and cheap.