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Metal Basket Has A Certain Rigidity

Jun 19, 2017

Metal box is made of metal materials with a certain rigid, large capacity of the packaging containers, mostly rectangular. Metal box is relatively small in terms of metal box, Metal Basket but the shape of diverse, such as round box, square box, flat box and shaped box and so on. From the manufacturing process, there are two pieces of material from the welding of the welding box and a piece of material from the drawing drawn from the drawing box. Metal box is used for military transport packaging; metal box is used for daily necessities, food packaging.

Metal box manufacturing must keep the box has a certain stiffness, so the choice of materials in the general choice of rigid metal materials, Metal Basket such as low-carbon steel plate, Wuxi thin steel plate. Metal box material selection should be combined with the processing technology to consider, the welding box can be used tinplate steel (tinplate), Wuxi thin steel plate; drawing box can be used tinplate steel plate, aluminum plate.

According to the performance of the barrel and manufacturing process requirements, the selected metal material should have good plasticity, solderability. Metal Basket General use of high-quality carbon structural steel or low-carbon steel or galvanized steel or tinplate.

Metal hoses can be made of high purity aluminum or aluminum foil, tin or pewter.

In addition, should also be used in the manufacture of metal packaging containers used in solder, sealing filler, paint and other auxiliary materials.

Stainless steel mesh basket welding technology application and welding methods, Anping Zhengfeng production of stainless steel mesh basket basket, stainless steel basket, Metal Basket stainless steel basket, wire diameter from 1mm ~ 10mm range.

Therefore, for the welding of argon arc welding requires a high demand, first of all for the choice of argon arc welding tungsten needle: should choose cerium tungsten electrode, Metal Basket cerium tungsten electrode on the human radioactive harm the smallest type of other thorium tungsten electrode, lanthanum tungsten electrode, pure tungsten Electrode, yttrium tungsten electrode, zirconium tungsten electrode. Hazardous small, volatile small, tungsten with high melting point, high boiling point, high strength, thermal conductivity is small, Metal Basket high temperature volatility and other advantages, suitable for non-melting electrode. Ce tungsten gray small current arc is small, environmental protection without radioactivity, current stability.

Stainless steel welding, especially the filament, this and challenging filaments, but also need a long time to accumulate experience, can be done, then wire seamless, welded firmly, Metal Basket do not punch and so on. Anping Zhengfeng production of stainless steel basket, disinfection baskets, cleaning baskets, medical net basket product quality hard, beautiful appearance, it is with such a group of professional production team, for welding polished. Very patient, adhering to the meticulous work style. Metal Basket Take seriously every customer, even a sample. Will be impeccable.

TIG welding technology: DC argon arc welding tungsten connected to the negative pole, the workpiece connected to the cathode is called DC is connected. Tungsten is extremely negative, is conducive to electronic heat emission, so the welding arc stability; at the same time tungsten produce heat, tungsten long life; workpiece for the positive heat generated, the weld shape is good. General Direct Connection Method for Welding of Steel Materials.