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What is the use of metal containers?

Aug 03, 2018

Metal crates have been used by more and more enterprises, so what are the uses of metal crates? What industries are suitable for metal crates?

First, the use of metal turnover box:

1. Warehousing function: The metal turnover box can store the goods in the warehouse in three dimensions. Its high load and high stacking performance allow the goods to be stacked in multiple layers under high load conditions, so that the goods are piled up in an orderly manner. Can fully improve the warehouse storage area. Due to the limited warehouse area of most manufacturers, it is the goal pursued by each manufacturer to stack more goods in a limited space. The turnover box can be used with various logistics containers and station devices for various warehouses, production sites, etc. Occasionally, in today's logistics management is increasingly valued by the majority of enterprises, the turnover box helps to complete the generalization and integrated management of logistics containers, which is a must for production and distribution enterprises to carry out modern logistics management.

2, turnover function: metal turnover box body consists of Q235 steel and metal mesh, the structure is sturdy and durable, in the process of logistics and transportation can protect the safety of goods, in the transportation of heavy parts such as auto parts, castings, forgings and other irreplaceable In terms of surface treatment, the pretreatment is pickling phosphating, rust removing and degreasing to form an oxide film on the surface to achieve rust prevention, and the coating is more durable attached to the surface, and the solid structure allows the goods to be stacked and transported. And its unique folding function saves space and reduces return shipping costs;

3, protection function: the body is solid, protect the goods, effectively resist the impact of the outside world on the goods;

Second, the applicable industry of metal turnover boxes:

Metal crates are also known as metal cages and bins. They are widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries. They are resistant to acid, alkali and oil, non-toxic and tasteless. They can be used for food, easy to clean, and parts turnover. Convenient, tidy stacking, visual warehousing for easy management. Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing in the factory logistics. Tianjin CIMC Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a station for your goods in storage, turnover, transportation and packaging. Solution.