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Stainless steel coat hook

Aug 22, 2018

In the material, there are copper coat hooks, stainless steel clothes hooks, zinc alloy clothes hooks, space aluminum clothes hooks, plastic clothes hooks, iron clothes hooks, ceramic clothes hooks, resin coat hooks, wooden clothes hooks, etc.; Hook, kitchen clothes hook, bathroom hook, children's room hook, study coat hook, furniture hook and so on. When choosing a coat hook, it is best to choose a rounded side around the head to hurt the head, but also pay attention to the bathroom hook to choose rust-proof materials. In terms of installation, in order to ensure safe installation, mark the water pipe or wire location to prevent it from being drilled during installation. How to choose a clothes hook? Nowadays, the variety of hooks on the market is not as high as the height of the person's head. It can prevent people or dogs from running to the rest. It is enough to install five in a room. Don't overdo it.