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Is the towel rack installed in the shower room or outside the shower room?

Jul 03, 2018

It should be installed outside the shower room to avoid getting wet towels and clothes during the shower.

The towel rack is composed of two supports supporting one or more crossbars, some of which can be folded, some can be used for disinfecting towels, and are generally installed on the bathroom wall for placing clothes, towels and the like.

Towel racks are divided from materials and are generally divided into: copper towel racks, stainless steel towel racks, and aluminum bath towel racks. According to the function, it can be divided into: movable towel rack and towel rack. Among them, the number of aluminum alloy towel racks is the most cost-effective, and the surface can be made into a variety of effects to meet the individual needs of modern home improvement. The size of the towel rack is generally 50CM, 60CM, 70CM, 80CM and so on. Can be selected according to the size of the bathroom