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In the purchase of lock products, should pay attention to the following

Mar 14, 2017

1. Should choose high visibility, quality and stability, good after-sales service products.

2. (Including the product implementation of the standard, grade, production company name, address, date of production) packaging is solid, the contents of the manual and the product is consistent with, to guard against the exaggerated and inconsistent with the fact that the product does not meet the requirements of the product, phenomenon.

3. Observe the appearance of the product quality, including the lock, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cover plate parts and related accessories are complete, electroplating parts, paint surface color is bright, uniform, with or without rust, oxidation signs and damage The

4. Check the use of the product function is reliable and flexible, should choose two or more products for comparison checks, especially the purchase of two-way lock products, you must use all the keys, respectively, internal and external lock switch. Should also check the product of the insurance agencies, it is recommended that each lock at least three times more than trial.

5. And then check the key teeth of the situation, such as five key teeth, each key should be not less than three different spoon teeth, while the first teeth and the fifth tooth should try not to choose the deepest spoon, Pull and easy to break.