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Hooked purchase knowledge

Aug 06, 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, the simple functional space can't satisfy people's spiritual pursuit. People use the words "home accessories" and "soft decoration" to try to describe the importance of the atmosphere created by the home space, so more precise. The word should be called home furnishings. Home furnishings refer to the elements of furniture furnishings, home accessories, home soft decoration and other aspects in a space through the perfect design method to present the space conception in the entire space, so that the entire space to meet people's material pursuit and spiritual pursuit.

The seamless hook is seamless, environmentally friendly, leaving no traces, and the characteristics of repeated use are increasingly occupying an important position in the linked market. The traditional binding hooks and glue hooks often cause certain damage to the veneer, or leave traces on the veneer, damage, damage the veneer, etc., and gradually fade out of people's vision. The suction cup hooks generally cannot withstand objects that are too heavy. Pay attention to the weight limit of each hook when purchasing.

The hook is not only a practical object, but also plays a finishing touch in the home decoration. Therefore, when purchasing the hooks, when considering the type and weight of the hanging items, you should choose the appropriate hook according to your own home style. The choice of the hook between the smooth wall and the rough wall, the choice of the hook between the living room and the bathroom, the choice of the rustic style and the modern style... The embellishment of many places can create a comfortable and warm living environment.