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Hook matching skills

Aug 13, 2018

The small hooks are too small in the large home interior, but the creative hooks can attract a lot of eyeballs, not only can play the basic role of the hook, but also add a new flavor of the room. Different styles of home decor with different hooks, do not have some fun. The integration of some interesting elements in the hook has gradually become a fashion, simple and creative hooks add a beautiful style to the house.

Hooks have wooden hooks, wrought iron hooks, plastic hooks, etc., can be matched with different colors, different styles of hooks, reflecting a strange style. If you choose the pure hook made of pure pig iron. Take the retro route, round The delicate openwork pattern on the surface seems to be related to the totem of a certain family. It adds a bit of mystery and ancientity to the elegant and gorgeous classical home. If you choose the surround hook, it uses the curved lines to make the home show the most. Gentle side.

The exquisite wrought iron hooks show the designer's humor and imagination, transforming the materials that can be seen everywhere into a lively product. If there is such a cute little thing on the wall in the house, the ordinary wall will immediately come to life, and the whole house will have a sweet feeling.

The rustic hooks are fresh and sweet, reminiscent of the feeling of being in the flower field. It is suitable for the home environment with simple style and bright color. It can be placed on the mirror of the bathroom to hang the towel, or it can be placed in the kitchen to put food, which will add fun to your cooking.