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Home appliance installation should pay attention to what

Mar 14, 2017

1, the installation of PP-R pipe is best to find a professional company, no matter how luxurious your luxury decoration, if you are not willing to use money in this regard is not worthwhile. Often the pipeline of the rupture or blockage, will cause the water pipe itself price several times, hundreds of times or even immeasurable consequences.

2, after installation must be pressurized test. Pressurization test is generally carried out in the case of 1.5 times the water pressure, there should be no leakage in the test.

3, in the absence of pressurized conditions under the simple test method, but not entirely feasible.

4, water pipes to the trend: the proposed water pipe top safe. Mainly waterway transformation most of the dark tube, and water characteristics of the water to the low flow. If the pipeline to go underground, but the occurrence of water leakage is difficult to find in time, only the water diffuse Jinshan or floor deformation and leakage to the downstairs, will find the water leakage, and because the water pipe buried difficult to find the Department of water leakage. Then the huge loss is irreversible, and even seriously affected the friendly neighborhood relationship; if the water pipe to go to the top, may be higher cost of water to change, but as a long-term investment point of view, it is worth it. Water pipe top, even if the water leakage, but also to be found in time, easy maintenance, the loss is also smaller.