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Hardware accessories installation location and quantity

Mar 14, 2017

(1) Hinge: The number of hinges in the plastic window should be determined according to the size of the sash, the opening of the sash (open, open), the thickness of the glass and the number of layers, the wind conditions of the use area of the window, the height of the building, Number of hinges.

(2) the number of hand and linkage handle. The handle is usually installed in the middle of the sash, about 1.5m from the ground. When the sash height <800mm fashion a handle; sash height> 800mm must be installed when two handles, position in the upper and lower ends of the sashimen. But the problem with the two handles is that when the window is installed with a high or large sash, the short man is not above the handle, so the linkage should be used to achieve multi-point locking.

(3) window set (also known as window support), the installation position should be able to make the window opening angle greater than 90 °, rotary window opening angle greater than 60 °.

(4) Push-pull window lock button is recommended to install the midpoint of the height of the push-pull fan.

(5) The sliding window pulley is mounted at a distance of 100 mm (below the glass pad). Each sash is at least two pulleys installed.