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Hardware accessories fixed

Mar 14, 2017

Plastic window hardware accessories are different from the wooden window, because the wooden window is a solid profile, hardware accessories with wood screws, the riveting force is higher. Plastic window is the wall thickness of 23mm cavity profiles, the use of general wood screws to die, must use self-tapping screws or pull rivets. On the carrying of the hardware accessories (hinges, support, etc.), in principle, hardware accessories need to be fixed in the inserted reinforced lining pieces. There is no reinforced parts, the screw at least through the plastic profile of the two layers of wall thickness, one of the reasons is the fixed hinge screws to be the role of two forces, the second reason is the screw and profile connection strength by temperature, hinge fixed Of the stress distribution is a horizontal pull out force, the other is the vertical direction of the shear force. Experiments show that the shear stress of plastic profiles than the pull out of the stress. It is usually used to tighten the force of the screw or pull out the strength of the screw as a riveting procedures. The higher the pull-out strength of the screw, the higher the pull-out strength of the screw on the reinforcing bar of the profile is about three times higher than the pull-out strength of the lining without lining. For small hardware accessories, can be considered without reinforcing ribs, which is due to the shape of the inner wall of the screw to form a balance of torque, which effectively prevent the screw and profile joints by the shear force damage, corresponding to improve the pull out Strength of the reason.