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Drying rack industry analysis

Sep 04, 2018

Along with the development of China's real estate industry for many years, the supporting drying rack industry has developed rapidly and actively transformed and upgraded. At present, the traditional drying racks have been replaced by intelligent washing machines. The washing machine is a transformation and upgrading product of the drying rack, and it is one of the smart home industries encouraged by the state.

Nowadays, the high-end intelligent washing machine is more than just a tool for drying clothes. Take Ou Ke as an example. The two products of Deyun series and Ouya can achieve multi-caliber winds, and fully optimize the wind direction. Increase by 60%, you can achieve continuous, constant warm wind in the drying process, drying and drying at the same time. This practical, decorative and high-end home smart product is already a beautiful landscape on the balcony.

The authoritative source of China's home building materials industry pointed out that in 2013, China's real estate industry's macro-control policies continued to tighten, and the supporting home industry situation is still relatively grim. Although the second half of the year has been warming up, but the growth is slow, the overall performance of the industry is still weak. However, the overall rigid demand in the market is still there. As a closely related downstream industry, many home furnishing enterprises have begun to actively transform and upgrade this year.