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Do not buy the 7 hardware of the bathroom, otherwise it will destroy a room!

Jun 28, 2018

n the decoration, not only the small detail design of the living room, but also the design of the bathroom is very important. Today we will talk about the hardware in the bathroom design, it is necessary

First, bathroom hardware including what?

1, towel rack or towel bar

The towel racks on the market today are single-bar, double-barreled, and the types are very large. Individuals think that single-bars are more practical and easy to handle!

2, hanging clothes or cleaning tools hook

Bathroom hooks are used to hang clothes or cleaning brushes, bath balls, etc. These gadgets can be said to be very practical!

3, paper towel rack

General paper towel rack is to be placed next to the toilet, this time must be considered waterproof and easy to take!

4, toilet brush holder

If the toilet brush holder is not hygienic or clean on the floor, buy a wall-mounted toilet brush holder that is clean and beautiful.

5, soap dish

Plastic soap dish is very common, but it doesn't look good on the counter and it also takes up a place. At this time, you can buy a metal fixed to the wall.

6, racks

The bathroom is particularly small, this time you need a rack, with racks you can take everything!

7, makeup mirror

The makeup mirror is not the same as an ordinary bathroom mirror. It can be used as a magnifying glass to view your pores while you wash your face!