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Cabinet hardware purchase points

Mar 14, 2017

Chain is the cabinet cabinet and door panels and repeated opening and closing one of the essential hardware. As the door opening frequency in the use of the highest. Therefore, the quality of the hinge is particularly important. Opening and closing effect and durability, natural, smooth, silent is the basic requirements. Followed by adjustable: up and down, left and right, adjustable range before and after the 2mm; open the minimum angle should be 95 and a certain degree of corrosion resistance and safety. Good hinge hand breaking up very hard, reed solid, mechanical folding without shaking, off to 15 degrees will automatically rebound, resilience is very uniform.

Hinge sub-ordinary and fast install, block hinge can quickly realize the door and cabinet separation, combination, the price difference between the two will be 3,4 times the domestic use of ordinary hinges on it, foreign cabinets use fast hinge because of foreign Install workers with high labor costs, by contrast, the use of fast hinges to save labor, the overall cost will be cheaper, the different conditions caused by the use of materials on the differences.

Good quality hinges can switch tens of thousands of times and easily flexible. A corner of the cabinet door installed two linkage hinges, the space has been very good use.

Slide should have the technical function and quality second only to the hinge. The better sliding function should be the natural combination of the smoothness and the load-bearing effect. Under the rated load-bearing condition, there is no obvious friction sound and jam phenomenon. It plays an important role in the use and life of the drawer.

Storage hardware are made of stainless steel and other metal materials, can make full use of one of the hardware, easy to use and make the kitchen clean and tidy, including seasoning basket, three sides pull the basket, four sides pull the basket, corner pull the basket, Lifting the basket, turntable basket, rice me, trash, knife and fork, and so on.