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Brief introduction to how to choose sliding door hardware

Mar 14, 2017

The track associated with the pulley is also essential for the use of sliding doors. Sliding doors are generally made of cold rolled steel rails and aluminum alloy rails. Consumers may generally think that the rail is stronger than the aluminum track, the thickness of the track thicker the better, in fact, not all. High-quality sliding door hardware embodies the perfect combination of track and pulley, rather than a simple part.

The track must have a perfect curvature with the pulley, followed by the material. In general, imported materials should be better than domestic materials. Consumers should know that any product to make the same shape is not difficult, it is difficult to look like God does not leave. Any consumer wants to buy their own sliding door hardware can be used for a long time without failure, so high-quality sliding door hardware manufacturers must also consider the manufacture of steel plate ratio and aluminum alloy alloy alloy ratio problem, so consumers Should not be one-sided focus on the thickness of the track.

In the choice of rail and aluminum alloy track, consumers should not be one-sided that the rails must be better than the aluminum track, a good track depends on the strength of the track design and track contact with the pulley surface finish, good aluminum track Anti-noise is better than rail. In addition, consumers should not be the product packaging or aluminum alloy surface of the coating by the confusion, unreasonable coating can only destroy the surface roughness of the track, so do not think the orbital surface coating color is better, it is likely to justify ; And the product packaging is only its temporary use of the effect, do not have to bear the additional high cost of packaging manufacturers.