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Seamless hook use method

Jun 27, 2018

Seamless hook use method

1.seamless hooks need to choose the material of the wall, in the purchase of the corresponding function of the hook product. You need to clean the wall before you paste it. Do not use any cleaner product during the cleaning process to prevent it from affecting the stickiness of the strip. Wipe with a dry towel.

2. To make a  seamless hook, tear off the red release paper with the arrow facing down, then affix it to the back of the hook and press firmly. It is sufficient to tear the black release paper. The pressing time should not be less than 30 seconds. The tape must be completely attached to the surface.

3. After standing for about 24 hours, it is OK, and the hook can be used normally by covering it with the back surface. In this process, if it is encountered an aging wall or a patterned wall, the difficulty of the paste is relatively large.